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Navi Mumbai International Airport Terminal. 
Proposal. Maharastra. 



Project - Navi Mumbai International Airport Terminal 


The airport, as a threshold of first impressions, should not only introduce the visitor to the local environment but also represent the identity of a country. Through its architecture, this building attempts to create an engaging experience for its users: passengers, employees and local visitors.
Acting as a transitory space between ground and sky, this airport emphasizes the excitement of travel and flight by making the users more aware of their surroundings and of the aircraft.. Different traditions of its people through history are expressed in it through various architectural ideas. Wall paintings portray images of Indian history and ceiling depicts shlokas from epic Geeta embossed on it. The large overhanging roof resembles eyes of Mumba Devi on whose name city’s name emerged and acts a shield from sun and rain while letting light through the skylights which have transparent photovoltaic glass which changes the light into energy.. The large surface area is covered with photovoltaics, acting as a power generator for this airport. The landscaping features also reflect Indian culture.



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