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Diwan India - Kundli, Delhi

Kundli Factory_Opame.png

Diwan India'sutensil manufacturing unit- Delhi

60000 Sft

The old abounded industrial factory was developed into a beautiful architectural project. The building was originally designed for industrial use as a Kattha Manufacturing unit in 80's, . The building has a lot of history and character, and the conversion has preserved much of its original charm. The project was a joint effort between Modren Architects & Opame, and it is an example of what can be done with old, abandoned buildings.

The old factory had been an eyesore for years, and the new owners wanted to make it into a modern, sleek office space that would attract new businesses to the area. We gutted the interior of the factory, taking out old machinery and pipes, and replaced them with new, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. We also installed new floors, walls, and ceilings, and added in a few skylights to brighten up the space.
On the outside, we gave the factory a complete makeover. We added a new coat of paint, installed new windows, and added a new set of doors. We also built a new parking lot and landscaped the grounds.
The new factory is now the talk of the town, and the new owners are very happy with the results. Thanks to us, the old factory is now a modern, attractive office space that is attracting new businesses to the area.


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