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Gateway of Punjab. 
Chandigarh. Punjab. 


Gate Way Of Chandigarh Opame.jpg.jpg

Project - Proposal 

Greater Mohali Development Authority , 
National level open Competition . .

Architecture is a powerful entity that can pull the occupants along through an experiential journey. Architecture also has the power to retell the origin, history, tradition, and culture of the place dramatically.
Punjab is globally known for its colors, enjoyment, fragrance, and lively people. through this design, we provide a glimpse of Punjab’s Spirit. 

The design not only serves as the entrance to the airport but also evokes the sense of belonging to the city of Punjab by creating a journey of experiences, feelings, and memories and hence renamed as ‘welcome to Punjab’. 


Design is based on 3 insights: it is impossible to show the history of Chandigarh without understanding the origin of Punjab; the meaning of khalsa must be integrated into the consciousness and memory of the people and finally, the city of Chandigarh must acknowledge the brutalism and and contribution of the master architect Le corbusier in it’s development in it’s purest form. 



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