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Ghat (re) Development
Allahabad . Uttar Pradesh


ghat 5.jpg

Ghat (re)Development 

Proposal - Allahabad Triveni Sangam 

Ghats are the riverfront steps leading down to the Holy River. In the Indian context, ghats are basically steps leading to the purification of sins and salvation. There are different kinds of activities performed related to one’s beliefs and rituals. It’s said in Hindu religion that. “we are born in water and after death our body goes to water”. Water is so precious and so important for Indians and when it’s about the river Ganges importance           becomes greatly significant. 

While designing the steps on the site we began with Four major aspects/thoughts to be fulfilled. First the traditional approach, towards the river; second, all the spaces to emerge from a single plane; third, providing all the functional spaces and services under the staircases with different shade patterns at different times. And the repetition of complete built mass along the rotated axis for views. 
Steps are designed in such a way that if seen from the front it looks like waves of water leading upside down to touch the surface. The desire of interaction between activities and people on different levels has been made through the zigzagging of staircases.



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