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Green Lagoon. 
Garden Restaurant , Jaipur.



Green Lagoon . The largest Garden Restaurant . Jaipur. 

"As the client’s brief, we were supposed to design a place where people can eat with nature being a nature lover it was the client’s desire to provide as much greenery as possible. The task also involved using the available waste at the site as the construction material. Most of the products and spaces have been done by using waste and recycled materials. Green Lagoon is one of the largest green places in Jaipur with over 500 existing plants and trees and over 2000 during the construction. The amount of trees planted in such a place makes it the greenest and most natural space in the city. Using Using over 200 varieties of flower plants and Fragrance plants and over 20 varieties of creepers completely covers the space with colorful bliss and heavenly fragrance. Use of recycled and green materials gives the landmark of zero carbon footprints. Such an approach of green and natural materials and the massive plantation makes it out of the box. The very interesting thing about the project that most of the product such as Creeper shelter, Candle holder, Entrance wall candle holders were made on the site with sketches. A lot of experiments with materials, plant decoration, and available resources have been done to make few prototypes. 

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