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Office Interiors. 
Hitect City, Madhapur. Hyderabad.


Commercial office Opame Architects

Location - Hitec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad . 

Area -        2100 SqFt

Status -     Completed

This newly constructed office space in Hitec City Hyderabad has been designed on activity-based working, where it solves many of the problems and breaks the monotony of the older and more traditional type of office setup called the Open Office Plan.


The Office space has a  type of seating arrangement where workers are seated very close to one another without any walls or cubicle barriers separating them. Typically, instead of each worker having his or her desk, they share entire long workbenches in the central open space.


To make it more life we have used real plants and different planters to provide an escape to the people working inside.

Informal meeting area/ Chilling room has been designed with very relaxed and cozy seating and will have such things as sofas, couches, armchairs, pod seats, and coffee tables. These areas are suitable for a variety of different activities including impromptu meetings, group meetings, breaks from work, and activities requiring focused concentration.


Central parametric ceiling connected with the wall shows continuity in the design with the blend of different materials. Partition of the areas has been done through transparent mediums and Lighting patterns which vary from natural white to warm white. BOHO theme has been followed in deciding the color patterns of the furniture where decorative lighting plays a vital role in making the place more different from the usual working spaces.

Convertible spaces, sufficient natural light, and interconnected transitional spaces with the blend of minimalism, parametricism, and Postmodernism make it different than traditional offices.


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