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UltraTech India Next. Rapid Housing
Competition . 



Project - UltraTech India Next

Type - Competition 

Status - Winner

Housing shortage is for sure the major issue but also providing the bulk houses when needed is still India looks for. It would have been a different scenario if the government would haven able to accommodate the migrants, labours and the poor people while having the such facilities which can be moved, transported or reused. In this particular case if you don’t provide the solutions and just involve developers, we will be having the same issues in the future as well. The idea here is to provide the Sense of adoption, the sense of having an own house, which could be developed at any time with family expansions. There is no regular supply of water through pipes. This makes obtaining clean drinking water very difficult. Used and dirty water is not properly disposed off through covered pipes, but is just roughly directed away from the settlements. Since there is no proper sewage or waste disposal system, garbage is accumulated near the slums or thrown into the water bodies in case the slums are near a water body. There are no proper sanitation facilities, and people tend to defecate in public. There is no regulated supply of electricity in slums, making living conditions very poor. In conclusion, the standard of living is extremely poor.

Our observations while having the perspectives of what could be the fasted and the cheapest way to provide a structurally solid and functional housing for the people who don’t even have the proper place to shelter. We came across few objects, they were about to be used for the drainage or conduiting inside the roads and we found them to be sufficient enough in size to be converted as the temporary housing for migrants, labours and beggars. After few conceptual sketches and experiments we found out it to be very suitable for the household to be accommodated.

The usual house of any material takes round a month to finish. In the case of waste house, the materials are already available as waste and just the interventions need to be done. The stacking takes a day to finish and then the limited. Cheap and modular materials could be used in bulk to achieve the goals.

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